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Businesses invited to provide input regarding Fiber Feasibility Study

The City of Mission Viejo is seeking input from local businesses regarding a Fiber Feasibility Study designed to gauge how the City could expand broadband in the community.

This study will:

Define the City’s strategic goals, objectives and roles of deployment for broadband network services;

Develop an understanding of community-wide need for fiber-based broadband;

Document fiber-based broadband demand in the City that leverages the City’s existing relationships with local businesses and stakeholder.

Assess the feasibility of using existing right-of-way, existing and new conduit pole lines and other assets to reduce the cost of FTTP deployments throughout the City;

Determine the benefits a fiber network would provide relating to economic development, education, healthcare, municipal government and the quality of life of its constituents, residents and visitors;

Determine how a fiber network could create added-value through economic efficiencies and cost reductions;

Determine the most feasible options to gain consensus on the path forward to achieve the City’s goals.

To gain insight into the broadband needs of the Mission Viejo business community, the City invites businesses to take the Broadband Business Survey.


I would love to have the residential fiber!
The 4 years that I have lived here I've had monthly issues with Cox.
Internet dropping, poor cell signal strength, scratchy and dropped calls on home phone, no one can hear or understand me at times, rebooting tv as well.
It really has become a very expensive and agitating situation for basic service.
I had Verizon fiber service when I lived in Cerritos, it was crystal clear and reasonably priced never a problem.

I had the problems with COX also. Changed wiring from box at street to the house and that still did not solve tiling of picture and sound dropping. Best explanation Cox could give me was I was at the end of the line and there was not enough "band width". Thats because they make us take all those channels we don't want!! So I switched to AT&T who has fiber up to their street boxes, then they run on the copper lines (phone) directly to your house. No sparring "band width" with your neighbors! Happy for five years.

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