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News Submission

The City welcomes news and information from non-profits, organizations, sports groups, new businesses and others for consideration of posting. However, as a government entity, the City has to be selective with and careful of the type of information that is relayed as news from the public. Therefore, each request will be reviewed to see if it meets the criteria of the City’s News Policy before posting. Selected news and event items are also edited to meet the City of Mission Viejo’s specific format and style.

Detailed information (summarized in a paragraph or two) about the news, event, fundraiser or new business, etc., that you would like to relay to the public. For example, if you want to inform the community about a sports team's victory, be sure to include the names of the players, and a description of what they won. If you are letting people know about a group meeting, include the date, time, address and contact information for people needing more information.

You will be contacted to provide some photos to accompany the information provided.